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2019 F1 and Coffee Predictions

Hamilton dominates the field (and his wingman) again 100-0

McLaren podium (in wet)

The Torpedo takes his teammate out at least once

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Summer Break 2019 is here (it’s like college spring break in PCB)

Summer Break is finally here... This will be short because I'm already bored without a race anytime soon.... This is the most boring three weekends of the entire year, no I'm not...

F1 and Coffee YouTube Channel

For everyone who has been following the latest news, you might be aware that we recently launched our YouTube Channel.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you should.  It's...

Highlights on Friday from Hungary

If you missed the action at the Hungaroring Friday, don't sweat it, we got you.   Here's what happened... Bottas decided to enter the pit lane from the same side of the...

German Grand Prix Recap and Results

Return of the Torpedo has been Confirmed Daniil Kvyat has had a challenging couple of years, but we were psyched when Toro Rosso announced he would be driving for them again...

Turning Point for Ferrari (and Mercedes)

The 2018 German Grand Prix was a nightmare for Sebastian Vettel. He had just won his fourth Grand Prix of the season, was 8 points of Lewis in the standings, and was leading the...

Grand Prix Results

2019 Standings

Just obsessive F1 fans who follow it all, generally at the expense of everything else.  This is way more important.

Don’t think for a second this is your usual F1 news and stats site.  Yeah, we have some of that, but this is about the fun stuff.  Who complained the most over the radio (usually Grosjean) and who made us laugh the most (look up).  This is what we are about!

Commentary and analysis recorded live during (just about) every race, with the unfiltered version being posted the following week.

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