One year ago, hell before every F1 race that was early morning Eastern Standard time in 2019, at 10pm the night before, I was generally rewatching qualifying and any highlights posted online over the prior couple of days, finalizing what in the hell we were going to talk about on the podcast (and eventually the YouTube Livestream), and getting our microphones and cameras set up (oh, and making sure the beers were cold!).  Hell, two days ago I was expecting to be doing just that tonight.


Enter COVID-19.


Not only has F1 essentially been cancelled for the foreseeable future, most other sports have as well.  There is a UFC fight on tonight if you’re into that though.


However, like a heroine addict looking for the next fix, we were beyond excited to get back into F1 again in 2020.  Getting to watch the brave souls we all love (and sometimes hate) battle it out for pole positions, fast laps, race wins, and more than likely a Schumi tying record seventh world championship for Lewis Hamilton and a couple of other drivers with the car and ability to stop him from doing so, is something we more or less live for at F1 and Coffee.


That being said, as bummed as we are (and bored on the night before what was supposed to be the 2020 Australian Grand Prix), it was the right thing to do from an F1 Management perspective.  This is turning into a global epidemic and needs to be taken seriously.  There’s zero sense in anyone, whether a driver, spectator, vendor, employee from any team or track, taking the risk of getting sick and possibly infecting others.


Long way of saying, be safe out there, don’t take unnecessary risks, and wash your damn hands!


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