Pre-Season Formula 1 Predictions for the 2020 Season (June 2020 Update)

  1. Ferrari Finishes P3
  2. Force India, Racing Point, Sport Pesa, whatever the f*ck they’re called finish Best of the Rest (**doesn’t happen**)
  3. Hamilton ties Schumacher’s WDC record AND breaks his win record of 91 race wins**Update – Lewis wins twice at Silverstone**
  4. Danny Ric spanks (**beats**) Ocon
  5. Both Williams drivers score points (not predicting how many) (**doesn’t happen**)
  6. Stroll and Perez have a Multi-21 incident or meltdown of some sort
  7. Haas finishes dead last and leave F1 at the end of 2020
  8. Max wins 4 races, including Zandvoort (**not Zandvoort obviously**)
  9. Ferrari wins zero races all year (**Leclerc wins 2 races**)
  10. A Shooey is done on the podium (**only if by interviewer request and not by an Australian Driver, Sorry Danny, we love you!**)
  11. Both McLaren drivers get a podium
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