Renault F1 boss Cyril Abiteboul believes that not supplying Formula 1 customer teams with power units, from 2020 on, will help his team in the quest for their ultimate goal: Formula 1 wins and world championship titles.

Speaking to Racer in the wake of news that McLaren have signed up with Mercedes for 2021, thus leaving the French manufacturer without customers, Abiteboul explained, “Not having to deal with any customers simplifies things a lot because you just focus on yourself and that’s it.

“Also, thinking about the dissemination of intellectual property, if we were staying with McLaren I would have had to disclose the external envelope of the engine in the next few weeks, which frankly is not something I want to do if I have no reason to do it.”

“That is one of the positives and maybe negatives in our position as an engine supplier: we always want to listen to everyone. But by doing that we sort of dilute the focus from the works team.

“And we do that because we have always done that — and I frankly have had clashes with my engineering people because of the way they want to deal with customer teams,” added Abiteboul.

Big Question: Will Renault benefit from not supplying customer teams?

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