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Congratulations to our very own Somky for winning the Brazilian Grand Prix edition of the Torpedo Challenge.  That’s two in a row for him.  The top picks for the race were Max for Tier 1, Carlos for Tier 2, Checo for Tier 3, Carlos as the wildcard driver, 4 DNFs, and once again Red Bull for fastest pit stop with a 1.82s stop for Verstappen.  For all the newbies out there, that’s fast AF!

Select the race you wish to make picks for. Your submission closest to the start of qualifying (but before qualifying starts) will be used.
Used to show results on the site and can change race to race
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Torpedo Challenge Rules and Scoring Methodology

  • Picks
    • Choose 4 drivers for each race
      • 1 from Tier 1 Teams
      • 1 from Tier 2 Teams
      • 1 from Tier 3 Teams
      • 1 Wild card driver from any tier (receives double points after the multiplier is accounted for)
    • There is no constructor pick for racing points
  • Ways to Score Points

    • Race Scoring
      • Each Driver selected will receive the same points they receive from the race per FOM standards plus one point for finishing the race
      • If all 4 of your drivers DNF, you will receive a bonus of 25 points
    • Qualifying Scoring
      • Making it to Q2, each driver selected receives 1 point
      • Making it to Q3, each driver selected receives 2 points
      • Pole Position receives 5 points
    • Variance Scoring (Starting position to finishing position)
      • Each driver will receive one point per place they improve from their starting position on the grid (not qualifying) to where they finish the race (i.e. if your driver starts 15th and finishes 8th, that driver will receive 7 points. If that driver finished 15th or lower, there is no penalty)
    • Fastest Lap Scoring
      • The driver who wins the fastest lap will receive an additional 5 points
    • First Crash Scoring
      • If one of your drivers is the first driver to crash, you will receive 10 points, plus 5 points for each car he TORPEDOS (i.e. takes out, Torpedoed cars must be retired on the spot)
    • Pit Stop Scoring
      • Select a team that you think will have the fastest Pit Stop
        • Fastest Team Pit Stop will receive 5 points
      • Multiplier Effect Scoring
        • All teams will be grouped into 3 Tiers and races grouped into 3 groups
          • Tiers are as follows
            • Tier 1 – Top 3 teams
            • Tier 2 – Middle 4 teams
            • Tier 3 – Bottom 3 teams
          • The Tiers will reset twice during the season based on the race groupings
            • First reset starts with the Spanish Grand Prix
              • Tier 1 – Top 3 teams 2019 season to date
              • Tier 2 – Middle 4 teams 2019 season to date
              • Tier 3 – Bottom 3 teams 2019 season to date
            • Second reset starts with the Belgium Grand Prix
              • Tier 1 – Top 3 teams 2019 season to date
              • Tier 2 – Middle 4 teams 2019 season to date
              • Tier 3 – Bottom 3 teams 2019 season to date
            • When making selections, you will only be able to pick drivers from the appropriate tiers
            • All groupings shown below
          • Tier 1 teams will receive their total points without any multiplier
          • Tier 2 teams will receive their total points with a 2x multiplier
          • Tier 3 teams will receive their total points with a 3x multiplier
          • Included in multiplier
            • Qualifying Points
            • Race scoring points
            • Variance points
            • First Crash points
            • Pit Stop Points
          • DNF Scoring
            • Select the number of DNFs you think will occur during the race
            • If there are more DNFs than your pick, you will receive the number you picked.
            • If there are fewer DNFs, you will receive 0 points
            • This is not included in the multiplier

If you have questions, please reach out to us via the ‘Contact us’ form on this page

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