Juan Manuel Correa says the FIA’s report on the tragic F2 crash that took place at Spa last year raises more questions than answers, but the American-Ecuadorian driver also asks why the full paper hasn’t yet been made available to him.

Last week, the FIA published its findings of its thorough investigation into the unfortunate events that unfolded at Spa and which claimed the life of F2 hopeful Anthoine Hubert, and left Correa seriously injured.

Motorsport’s governing body concluded that the crash was the result of a “chain of events”, with no specific cause but with “multiple contributory factors” giving rise to the severity of the accident.

Correa reacted to the report and commented the FIA’s findings in a post published on Instagram.

“Last Friday the FIA announced that they had concluded their investigation into the accident that took place on August 31st at Spa-Francorchamps and released a summary of their findings,” Correa wrote.

“FIA’s Safety Department spent more than five months conducting this investigation but for me their summary raises more questions than it provides answers.

“In addition, I find it surprising that the full and complete accident report has not been made available to me, so that I might have a clearer understanding of the conclusions reached by the FIA.

“On August 31 2019, my friend and fellow driver lost his life, a family lost a loved one, and I suffered severe injuries.

“We cannot change the past, but perhaps all this pain and sacrifice can have some meaning if it serves to make our sport safer.

“As a result I will continue to work with my legal team to obtain a copy of the full accident report.

“I hope to be in a position to comment further once the report has been made available to me, and when I have a clearer insight into the conclusions reached by the FIA and the safety improvements that it intends to bring about.”

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