Andy Cowell, Managing Director of Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, has revealed the team is experiencing a few gremlins with its power unit ahead of their February 14 car launch.

Speaking in a video posted by Mercedes across their social media channels, Cowell admitted his team does still not have the engine quite where he’d want it.

“There’s lots going on in Brixworth, lots of improvements across the whole power unit, on the ERS side, on the internal combustion engine side,” he said.

“As ever, we’re fighting a few little issues as we pull everything together.

“So lots of work going into building the right spec, getting it long runned, and then providing power units to the teams so that they can fire up their cars.”

Now in the seventh year of the V6 turbo hybrid era, Mercedes came out of the blocks with what was indisputably the best power unit in 2014, but has seen their advantage diminish in recent years.

Nevertheless, the Silver Arrows enter 2020 as six-time defending constructor’s champions, and will be hoping the six days of testing in Barcelona from February 19 will be enough to sort out any issues, even with many parts already made for the first race in Australia.

“With the race pool, a huge number of those parts are already made, assemblies going together and (we’ve got) the challenge of getting everything to the other side of the world.

“So, a busy time chasing bits of performance, getting the reliability there and getting a huge amount of hardware together and getting it to the other side of the world,” finished Cowell.

From the conclusion of testing on the 28th, it is exactly two weeks until the season gets underway in Melbourne on the 13th of March.

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