Formula 1 exile Marcus Ericsson looks set to take a step further away from the Grand Prix paddocks in 2020 as he commits to his second season Stateside.

This year, the Swede split his time between a full-time Indycar race seat and a reserve role at Alfa Romeo.

After F1’s summer break, Ericsson had to pull out of an Indycar race when Alfa Romeo ordered him to travel to Spa-Francorchamps, for the Belgian Grand Prix, to be on standby to replace an injured Kimi Raikkonen.

But ultimately, Raikkonen raced and Ericsson was left frustrated. So for 2020, Ericsson’s role looks set to change, according to his manager Eje Elgh.

“It took too much time with a lot of travel and so on. From now on, the full focus will be on Indycar,” he told Viasat.

Ericsson, however, told Expressen that he will maintain his links to Alfa Romeo but said of the Spa debacle, “It was a little silly. That’s the problem with social media today, Everything happened very quickly and Alfa Romeo chose not to say anything so it all came out in the wrong way.”

As for 2020, he admits that talks are still taking place, “I have a long relationship with Alfa Romeo and Sauber and I’m pretty sure I will have some part, but I have also said that I really want to focus 100 percent on this Indy season.

“The priority is not to be a reserve driver in Formula 1, the priority is Indycar. But I don’t want to say too much about what it will be because it is complicated, with various different factors. We will see what Alfa Romeo and even what (Indycar team) Ganassi wants,” added Ericsson.

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