It’s no secret that most of us die hard F1 fans would most rather quit our jobs and watch every second of F1 as soon as the new season starts each year, starting with testing in Catalunya.  That isn’t realistic for, well, anyone.  Like one of the F1 and Coffee writers stated to me during the 24 Hours at Daytona, where our boy Fernando dominated for Wayne Taylor Racing (ok, not dominated, but ultimately won due to Felipe Nasr running wide at turn one shortly before the session was red flagged, never to restart).  That race is “like a methadone fix for F1 addicts after a long, cold winter”.  While I’m not 100% sure on the analogy, that race sure as hell got me pumped up for the 2019 season.  Then testing came along, Ferrari looked solid, as did Ferrari B (aka Alfa Romeo Racing, aka New Sauber).  Now, we all know Mercedes was sandbagging the shit out of testing like they always do, but the midfield looks damn good and like it will be even more competitive than last year.  Hell, has McLaren finally gotten their act together after Alonso “retired” from the sport?  I hope so!


So, today, Netflix launched a new series called Formula 1: Drive to Survive.  Initially, I was ridiculously excited about it.  Then I saw on that Mercedes and Ferrari wouldn’t be featured in the docuseries.  That bummed me out, regardless of how completely reasonable it is for the top two teams fighting for the championship to not want cameras behind their closed doors during the 2018 Season.


Now, I’ve only watched the first episode, but that episode spent a lot of time showing one of my favorite drivers of all time, Danny Ric.  I’ll just be honest here.  Seeing his smiling face and hearing him talk got me excited as hell about the new season, which goes lights out, in (at the time I’m writing this) in just over 194 hours. Technically, the first laps will occur in just under 6 days time…  I can’t wait!!!  How about you?

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