Bad Boys Bad Boys!!!


In honor of a movie Somky and I have been waiting for since 2003 when the sequel to the original Will Smith/Martin Lawrence goofball/ass kicking/bad guy beating/driving Porsches and Ferraris  (don’t be a bitch Marcus!) in a completely **cough cough** controlled and safe manner came out, oh and with guns (LOTS OF GUNS), we decided to do a short podcast about it for all of our beloved fans.


Now, if you have been following us over the past year and listened to our podcast or seen our YouTube, you already know how often we make mistakes and f*ck things up, but ultimately just want have some fun!!


So, like a young male teenager, we got a little too excited about the release of Bad Boys for Life and jacked up the recording.  While we recorded on the way to the movie and afterwards, we wrecked both recordings, badly.  The one thing I can promise you all is this, it would have been bad ass!!


Luckily, we remember exactly what we said and we promise ***No Spoilers***













-Nick and Alex

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