Haas has become the first Formula 1 team to release images of its 2020 car.

Last year, Haas took on a black and gold color scheme as part of its title partnership with Rich Energy, but that deal fell apart during the season. As a result, the team has reverted to the more traditional livery seen in its first three seasons in F1, with a predominantly gray, black and red design that is very similar to its 2018 look.

The new car is called the VF-20, and will be officially launched on the morning of the opening day of pre-season testing in Barcelona, where the team will conduct a photo shoot in the pit lane. Kevin Magnussen will be first to drive the VF-20 in testing, handing over to Romain Grosjean for day two and then splitting the running between both drivers on the final day of the first test.

Alfa Romeo is taking a similar approach to Haas, with an expected digital launch to be followed by a physical unveiling in Barcelona’s pitlane.

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