If you missed the action at the Hungaroring Friday, don’t sweat it, we got you.


Here’s what happened…

  • Bottas decided to enter the pit lane from the same side of the bollard as his teammate did in Germany – no penalty this time but not the best thing to do when fighting to keep your race seat at the Top team for next season (or even next race)
  • Stroll spun early on, but he doesn’t give a F*ck and isn’t fighting for a race seat (you know, since Papa Stroll is his boss)
  • Max spun a couple of times – either the track was tricky due to the weather, or his Red Bull isn’t set up just right…likely a bit of both
  • The youngest driver on the grid, Lando Norris, took a nap on the pit wall
  • The rain was off and on throughout FP2 which limited running on average by ~50% per driver vs. the previous eleven races
  • Alex Albon went a little wide into the last turn with his outside tires touching the grass, which morphed him from driver to passenger instantly, and hitting the wall
    • while a minor mistake, with Gasly in the hot seat, this likely did him no favors in getting the seat alongside Max, which is almost certain to occur before Spa
  • Gasly ended the timesheet in FP2 on top (on softs)
    • 0.055 seconds behind him was Max (on mediums)
    • 0.141 seconds behin Gasly was Lewis (on the hards)


To summarize here – Gasly won’t be on top tomorrow…..but Lewis will and he’ll extend his pole record yet again.

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