Formula 1’s management team is encouraged by the progress it has made towards hosting a Miami Grand Prix in 2021, according to CEO and chairman Chase Carey.

A potential roadblock to the event — an attempt to force through anti-F1 legislation that would have required Miami Gardens’ approval in order to host the race — failed last month, moving the project at Hard Rock Stadium a step closer. Speaking on a Liberty Media earnings call, Carey says the recent developments have given added momentum to F1’s plans to add a second race in the United States.

“We were thrilled with the progress in the last few weeks in Miami as we come closer to finalizing that potential tent-pole event on future calendars,” Carey said. “We’re excited to partner with the (NFL) Miami Dolphins to bring a world-class event to the region and our second race to the U.S.”

“Positive steps the last couple weeks — we’re actively engaged with them,” he said. “I think we’ve got meetings over the next week or two to continue to nail things down. And we feel good about where we are with that race for 2021.

“I think, first and foremost, we want to make sure it’s a great race, a race that will live up to the potential of what that race is — which is a real tent-pole race for us, not just in the U.S., but around the world, a race that will capture the world’s imagination. So we want to make sure we do the race.

“We’re still focusing on trying to get things in place for 2021. Obviously, time gets shorter. But we are actively working on it and engaged with it and I think making good headway. We feel that (new races) are complicated. So nothing new — we’ve been through this before.

“The steps and processes we go through to ultimately finalize a race always have degrees of complications to them. But I think we feel good about the path we’re on, and we feel good about the opportunity to make the race in Miami a reality in the short term.”

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