Robert Kubica’s miraculous return to F1 didn’t yield the results he expected, but it did help the Pole close “the most important chapter” in his life.

Kubica returned to the fray after an 8-year forced hiatus from the sport brought about by the traumatic rally accident that stopped his career in F1 dead in its tracks.

Hard work, determination and sheer grit allowed him to contend for a race seat which Williams supplied. But the British outfit’s dismal form in 2019 left Kubica and teammate George Russell lingering all season long at the back of the grid.

Kubica’s personal track record also suffered a blow as Russell outqualified the Pole 21-0. Sill, the 34-year-old looks back on his campaign and botched renaissance through a positive prism.

“I was kind of split, honestly, and I think by coming back to Formula 1 I closed a chapter, which was probably the most important one from my life,” said Kubica.

“Looking where I was, looking at the period I went through with the circumstances of what happened and what the consequence was of the accident in 2011.

“Then of course, once you are back in F1, you reopen or continue the chapter which is Formula 1 which is probably a difficult one to talk about because the season has been very complicated.

“You live for achieving and coming back to Formula 1 and want to do good in races and want to deliver, you want to be racing, and this is something which I think I missed most this year.”

Asked whether his believed his return was “worth it”, Kubica stated that the mere achievement of racing once again in F1 surpassed the importance of the results.

“I’m a person who is living for challenges, which is living for trying to achieve the targets and trying to achieve what your path is,” he said.

“If I arrive after many years being away from the sport to try to be back in F1, it means that this was my objective.

“I did want to try to see if I was able to drive and I am able to be back, although I have been away for a long time and I have limitations. If I have to answer if it was worth it, I say yes.”

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