Red Bull driver consultant Helmut Marko has gone on the record saying that Lewis Hamilton is still the better driver than Max Verstappen.

The no-nonsense former Le Mans winner turned Red Bull driver powerbroker was tackling one of ten daring discussions conducted by Motorsport-Total.

The one ‘thesis’ presented for discussion was: “Even if Lewis Hamilton is a six-time world champion: Max Verstappen is now the fastest and best driver of Formula 1.”

Interestingly, Marko whose ‘discovery’ and rapid promotion of Verstappen is the stuff of legend, countered that “as a package, Hamilton is still the better one. He has unbelievable basic speed, and of course, he has experience. We’ve have seen this again and again.”

He went on to explain how the Mercedes driver is almost ‘invisible’ in practice “but from the moment qualifying begins, he bangs down laps.”

Marko was also particularly impressed by Hamilton’s racecraft during the course of the season in which he won eight of the first 12 races and cites the Monaco Grand Prix as an example, “Driving in those lanes where no one can overtake, preserving his tyres was smart.

“He has the experience over Max and that is a huge advantage. Of course, he is lucky that he is mostly at the top where life is easier. But we want to change that next year!” warned Marko.

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