Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies has reiterated he has not lost faith in his driver Sebastian Vettel, calling the German a ‘natural leader’.

Speaking in an interview with Autosprint, Mekies argued Vettel continues to hold a place of great importance in the Scuderia’s quest to win a first world title since 2008.

“He is a natural leader in his DNA, he is a central person in our project,” said the Frenchman.

Having been at the forefront of three consecutive unsuccessful campaigns to challenge the hegemony of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, questions have been raised about whether Vettel is still the best man to lead the legendary Italian outfit, particularly with the ascendance of teammate Charles Leclerc in 2019.

From Mekies’ perspective, he remains indispensable.

“He is always able to find the right word, calm and the right motivation, and that too is extraordinary. On paper, the longer you stay with a pilot, the more you get, and I would put myself in these terms with Vettel because he’s been with us for a long time.”

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