As if a bumpy ride around the Circuit of the Americas and its consequences weren’t already enough to deal, Sergio Perez’s Friday concluded on another sour note, the Racing Point driver hit with a pitlane start penalty for missing the weighbridge during FP2.

Perez was among the many drivers yesterday that complained about the many bumps in Austin’s road which he labelled as “totally unacceptable” as he believed they could potentially veer a driver off course and into the barriers, not to mention the physical discomfort produced by the humps.

Perhaps distracted by the inconvenience, Perez ran a red light yesterday in the pitlane, the one that directs drivers to the FIA weighbridge where cars are randomly weighed and checked for conformity.

The Racing Point crews may have been just as absent-minded as their driver as no attempt was made by the pink outfit to immediately roll back Perez to the FIA garage, an omission that aggravated the infraction.

Team and driver were summoned to the stewards, where a severe penalty awaited.

“The Stewards reviewed video evidence and heard from the driver of car 11 and the team representative and determined that the driver failed to stop for weighing when required to do so,” read a statement from the stewards.

“Instead, he drove on and proceeded to do a pit stop where the car was worked on by lifting the car and all four wheels were changed, in breach of Article 29.1 a).

“The penalty imposed is a mandatory penalty specified under the Formula One Sporting Regulations and the Stewards note that they have no discretion to impose an alternative penalty.”

The stewards justifiably threw the book – and Article 29.1 of the Sporting Regulations – at Racing Point and Sergio Perez who will start Sunday’s race from the pitlane regardless of where he qualifies.

“Any driver who fails to stop when asked to do so, and then fails to bring the car back to the FIA garage, or if work is carried out on the car before it is returned to the FIA garage, will be required to start the race from the pit lane.”

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