Episode 56 – 2021 Italian Grand Prix at Imola Recap

Nick and Somky review the 2021 Italian Grand Prix at Imola, the actual sponsors of F1 and Coffee (https://www.apocalypselabz.com and https://www.cochranmillbrewing.com/),  and the teams and drivers one-by-one….



Episode 55 – 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix Recap

Nick and Somky review the first race of the 2021 Formula 1 season, the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix.  While a great race, we are all grateful it wasn’t as eventful as the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix was.  

This episode is dedicated to Romain Grosjean.  We are so happy you are ok!!!!!

Episode 54 – 2021 F1 Preseason Predictions

Nick and Somky review their 2021 Formula 1 Season Preseason Predictions…..at least some of which will certainly come true….

    1. All current Champions spank their teammates
      • Hamilton over Bottas
      • Vettel over Stroll
      • Alonso over Ocon
      • Kimi over Gio
    2. Hamilton breaks the century mark for wins
    3. Gio scores points in 6 or fewer races
    4. Verstappen and Perez have a 2021 Multi-21 incident
    5. We have reason for 6 shooeys on the podium in 2021 (regardless of whether or not they actually happen)
    6. McLaren and Aston Martin finish the season within 10 points of each other for 3rd and 4th place
    7. A McLaren or Aston Martin driver finishes third in the championship
    8. Nikita Mazepin receives significant fan backlash for partying like a rockstar offtrack (and is outscored by Mick Schumacher)
    9. Tsunoda gets dropped before Spa and the Torpedo returns once again
    10. Georgeous George spanks Latifi and scores over 10 points for the season
    11. Williams does not finish in last place
    12. No points for HAAS  this year and Gene bails at the end of the year.
    13. Alonso podiums in his first race back.
    14. Sainz gets his 1st W this year.
    15. Kimi retires and Mick takes his seat for 22.
    16. 1 or 2 races will be cancelled due to pandemic, planning, or govt issues.




      Episode 53 – 2020 Russian Grand Prix Recap

      Nick and Somky grow tired of live streaming and decide to try to new format.  The new format being actually watching and enjoying the race and not making up nonsense for the entire race.  Enjoy….

      Episode 52 – 2020 Super Tuscan Grand Prix

      Nick and Somky watch the first Formula 1 race at Mugello for the second Italian Grand Prix of 2020 and enjoy the absolute chaos while trash talking most everyone.

      Episode 50 – 2020 Belgian Grand Prix

      Somky arrives to the F1C Studios in Brookhaven, GA late as usual, while Nick proves PEBKAC errors can happen to everyone.  Eventually they F1C Boys pretend to be Hobo and Buxton, drinking delicious Belgian Beers and talking lots and lots of trash for the Half Centennial Podcast.

      Episode 49 – 2020 Spanish Grand Prix

      Nick and Somky play media pundit again, while talking lots and lots of trash about all former F1 drivers named Nico and nursing pretty decent hangovers from Nick’s old man birthday celebration the night before.

      Episode 48 – The 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone (aka 2020 British Grand Prix Part 2)

      Nick and Somky watch round two of the 2020 British Grand Prix (aka. the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix) and pretend to be Will and Jenson (Buxton and Button)….

      Episode 46 – British Grand Prix – Let’s Bet a Six Pack Results

      Nick and Somky review the 2020 British Grand Prix very briefly and then review the results of the Let’s Bet a Six Pack – 2020 British Grand Prix Edition Game


      ***Spoiler Alert***Nick Dominates!

      Episode 45 – 2020 British Grand Prix

      Nick and Somky pretend to be media pundits and say many ridiculous things about the British Grand Prix, while watching ****SPOILER ALERT**** the true supremacy of a team and driver win a race with only three tires.

      Episode 44 – 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix

      Following back to back races at the Red Bull Ring to kick of the 2020 Formula 1 Season, and back to back Mercedes wins, The F1 Circus moves to the Hungaroring for the third race of the year..


      Nick and Somky review the first two races as well as ridicule drivers for crashing during recon laps (MASSIVE PROPS to the Red Bull Pit Crew for fixing that car so FAST, kind of like their incessant winning of the fastest pit stop – these guys are goooood!), as well as discuss what happened to the once great Scuderia Ferrari, make comparisons about Lewis Hamilton to the GOAT (MSC), and are absolutely amazed that Haas scores points.


      Enjoy the show….


      and comment!!!

      Episode 43 – 2020 Styrian Grand Prix

      After an incredible first race back to the 2020 Formula 1 season, our favorite sport returns to the Red Bull Ring in back to back races in Austria (dubbed the Styrian Grand Prix this week though).


      Nick and Somky ridicule Mattia and his ability to manage Vettel and Leclerc as well as declare their undying love for Zak Brown’s McLaren, as well as both of the drivers.  Mostly Lando Norris, but also Carlos Sainz Jr. for his ability to be a fantastic team player at all costs.



      Episode 42 – 2020 Austrian Grand Prix

      Our beloved Formula 1 is finally back!!!

      During the Austrian Grand Prix, aka the Return to Racing in 2020, Nick and Somky announce a new “sponsor”, support the Red Bull Ring, and attempt to get back to basics (aka talking shit about things that could not matter less…)  



      Episode 41 – 2020 F1 Preseason Predictions June Update

      Nick and Somky review the 2020 Formula 1 Preseason predictions from March and make some changes…


      Where will Ferrari Finish?

      How many races will Lewis win?

      What will happen to Haas and Williams?


      Tune in to find out more…

      Episode 40 – 2021 Driver Market Shakup

      With the announcement of Sebastian Vettel not returning to Scuderia Ferrari for the 2021, chaos has ensued.  Nick and Somky make some hysterical comedy and speculate on one or two things….Enjoy..

      Episode 39 – 2020 Australian Virtual Grand Prix Recap

      Nick and Somky discuss the first virtual Grand Prix of 2020 (that they’ve watched, it’s actually the second), review what happened, including pitfalls and complete nonsense invloved.  


      2020 Australian Grand Prix / State of the World

      Nick and Somky get set for the first race of the 2020 Formula 1 Season (aka The Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne), but COVID-19 strikes and wreaks havoc across the world, and FOM and Liberty Media completely botch how the situtation is handled.

      2020 Formula 1 Season Predictions

      The F1 and Coffee Crew (aka Nick and Somky) come up with predictions for the 2020 Formula 1 Season.  Be sure to tune in!  If you’re too lazy to listen for 15 minutes though…..here’s the list…




      2019 F1 Season Recap Trilogy Finale – Creme de la Creme

      Nick and Somky close out the 2019 Formula 1 Season Recap Trilogy with a review of the Creme de la Creme (Best of the Best for all the non-Frenchman) aka The Top Three Teams

      • Red Bull Formula 1 Team
      • Scuderia Ferrari
      • Mercedes AMG F1


      2019 F1 Season Recap by Team – Midfield

      Nick and Somky continue on their journey of recapping the 2019 Formula 1 season by team…This time in episode 2 of the trilogy with the midfield, which for all of you homegamers, is where the real, exciting fighting occurred .

      • Racing Point aka Sport Pesa aka well you know the drill by now
      • Toro Rosso aka Marko Jr
      • Renault aka Cyril fired!
      • McLaren aka AWESOME aka 2 breakfasts! (Thanks Christian!)



      2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Unfiltered

      2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Unfiltered

      Nick and Somky decide to allow guest hosts for the Brazilian Grand Prix.  They enjoy the classic Brazilian cocktail, the Caipirinha, which is the national drink of Brazil, and share tips on how to make one.  Some local Atlanta favorites include:

      • Wild Leap Brew Co – ETA Transcontinential IPA
      • Monday Night Brewing – Black Tie Series – Double Archipelago Double IPA
      • Monday Night Brewing – Blind Pirate Blood Orange IPA
      • New Realm Brewing Company – Sour Series – Bless your little Tart
      • New Realm Brewing Company – Sour Series – Lemon Pucker


      It is quickly decided not to ever allow guest hosts again…..


      Thanks Dan and QP for joining!

      2019 United States Grand Prix Unfiltered

      2019 United States Grand Prix Unfiltered

      Nick attempts to review the United States Grand Prix while Somky drives with Nick, QP, and Justin in the car.

      • New Sponsor – Apocalypse Labs
      • Outlap F1 Podcast boys still owe us beers
      • Hamilton Seals the championship
      • Brazilians drink tasty, tasty drinks

      2019 Mexican Grand Prix Unfiltered

      2019 Mexican Grand Prix Unfiltered

      Nick and Somky watch Lewis Hamilton take a shot at winning the title again in Mexico (****spoiler alert**** he doesn’t), drink some Mexican beers, some local Atlanta beers from Three Taverns Brewery, and discuss the upcoming F1 and Coffee outing to COTA even though they said we aren’t a real media outlet (daaaamn the truth hurts tongue-out).


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      2019 Japanese Grand Prix Unfiltered

      2019 Japanese Grand Prix Unfiltered

      Nick and Somky watch the Japanese Grand Prix live with new guest, Jordan, compare some current F1 Drivers to some of the greats, and enjoy some cocktails from Japan and local beers from Atlanta.

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      2019 Russian Grand Prix Unfiltered

      Nick and Somky struggle to put together a decent podcast and LiveStream at the unnecessarily early 2019 Russian Grand Prix


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      2019 Singapore Grand Prix (aka F1 Night Race) Unfiltered

      The F1 and Coffee Crew reviews the history of the Singapore Grand Prix, makes some delicious favorite Singapore cocktails, watches the most boring F1 race since Canada (2019), and sees Vettel get his first win in over a year!

      F1 Summer Break Bonus Episode Collaboration with OutLapF1

      Nick, Somky, and James from the the OutLapF1 Podcast rundown each of the Formula 1 teams in 2019 and give them grades, lots and lots of grades. some poorer than others, namely one Frenchman in particular, and one comeplete and total surprise!

      F1 Summer Break Rundown Trilogy – Episode 3 aka The Finale

      Nick and Somky finish the rundown of each of the teams through the first half of the season in the F1 Summer Break Rundown Finale, focusing on the top teams in this episode, including who’s on top form and who will get dropped.

      F1 Summer Break Rundown Trilogy – Episode 1

      Nick and Somky run down each of the teams and how they’ve fared so far in the first half of the 2019 season.  This episode focused on the three teams with the least amount of points.

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