Nick and Somky review their 2021 Formula 1 Season Preseason Predictions… least some of which will certainly come true….

    1. All current Champions spank their teammates
      • Hamilton over Bottas
      • Vettel over Stroll
      • Alonso over Ocon
      • Kimi over Gio
    2. Hamilton breaks the century mark for wins
    3. Gio scores points in 6 or fewer races
    4. Verstappen and Perez have a 2021 Multi-21 incident
    5. We have reason for 6 shooeys on the podium in 2021 (regardless of whether or not they actually happen)
    6. McLaren and Aston Martin finish the season within 10 points of each other for 3rd and 4th place
    7. A McLaren or Aston Martin driver finishes third in the championship
    8. Nikita Mazepin receives significant fan backlash for partying like a rockstar offtrack (and is outscored by Mick Schumacher)
    9. Tsunoda gets dropped before Spa and the Torpedo returns once again
    10. Georgeous George spanks Latifi and scores over 10 points for the season
    11. Williams does not finish in last place
    12. No points for HAAS  this year and Gene bails at the end of the year.
    13. Alonso podiums in his first race back.
    14. Sainz gets his 1st W this year.
    15. Kimi retires and Mick takes his seat for 22.
    16. 1 or 2 races will be cancelled due to pandemic, planning, or govt issues.




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