As Formula 1 enters its final three-race epilogue, all drivers are now on the verge of grid penalties in the event of a power unit component failure.

Here’s a detailed look at where everyone stands in terms of element usage before the US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin.

Power Element Usage – 2019 United States Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton333222
Valtteri Bottas333222
Sebastian Vettel333223
Charles Leclerc333223
Red Bull/Honda
Max Verstappen544333
Alex Albon555433
Daniel Ricciardo544434
Nico Hülkenberg644323
Romain Grosjean333222
Kevin Magnussen333223
Carlos Sainz544423
Lando Norris444444
Racing Point/Mercedes
Sergio Pérez444322
Lance Stroll444211
Alfa Romeo/Ferrari
Kimi Räikkönen433223
Antonio Giovinazzi444224
Toro Rosso/Honda
Daniil Kvyat777633
Pierre Gasly755533
George Russell333233
Robert Kubica444211


    • ICE: Internal Combustion Engine
    • TC: Turbo Charger
    • MGU-H: Motor Generator Unit – Heat
    • MGU-K: Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic
    • ES: Energy Store
    • CE: Control Electronics

As a reminder, before incurring a grid penalty, drivers can use 3 ICE, 3 TC, 3 MGU-H, 2 MGU-K, 2 ES and 2 CE

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