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Pre-Season Formula 1 Predictions for the 2020 Season

  1. Ferrari Finishes P3
  2. Force India, Racing Point, Sport Pesa, whatever the f*ck they’re called finish Best of the Rest
  3. Hamilton ties Schumacher’s WDC record AND breaks his win record of 91 race wins
  4. Danny Ric spanks Ocon
  5. Both Williams drivers score points (not predicting how many)
  6. Stroll and Perez have a Multi-21 incident or meltdown of some sort
  7. Haas finishes dead last and leave F1 at the end of 2020
  8. Max wins 4 races, including Zandvoort
  9. Ferrari wins zero races all year
  10. A Shooey is done on the podium
  11. Both McLaren drivers get a podium


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