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Updated ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix

1. Hamilton dominates the field (and his wingman) again 100-0

So this isn’t happening yet, in fact Bottas is at the top of the leaderboard, only by one point though.

2. Vettel outscores Leclerc but starts coming unglued by how good his new teammate is 

Vettel has outscored Leclerc so far, and it seems like he might be coming unglued.  It’s looking like Leclerc will be ahead of Vettel in points before the summer break

3. Leclerc gets his 1st win

While this hasn’t happened yet, it should have and he has gotten a podium.

4. Horner gets to deal with Multi-21 2.0 after finding out Gasly pushes Max to the limit

We may have been way off on this one…

5. Renault 1st Podium but with the German.  

This isn’t looking good at all.  Both Renault drivers are currently tied in the standings.

6. McLaren podium (in wet)**

No podium yet, but Lando is showing great form

7. Spoiler Alert*******Kimi spanks Gio*********


8. Stroll dominates Perez and not due to team orders


9. HAAS drops to the back

They say it’s a tire issue, but come on.  They’ve already dropped down to the Tier 3 teams, being replaced by Kimi and Alfa Romeo

10. Williams does not make Q1

Not yet, unless you count testing….

11. The Torpedo takes his teammate out at least once

Daniil hasn’t taken Alex out yet, but he has crashed into both McLaren drivers, during the same incident…

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