Red Bull has become the final team to confirm its launch plans for the 2020 Formula 1 season, with the RB16 set to be revealed on February 12.

Christian Horner’s team will shake down the new car at Silverstone next Wednesday, with a digital launch of the new car happening simultaneously in what will be just the second unveiling of the new season. Ferrari will go first on February 11, with the new Red Bull expected to appear on the morning of February 12 before Renault carries out a launch event later that afternoon in Paris.

“And let’s not forget that’s the reigning world champions,” Horner said. “So they would go into the season very much as the favorites. But I think the stability across all areas – with the drivers and the technical staff – we built momentum in the second half of last year and I think that we’re in a very good place to really take the fight to them this season.”

Red Bull is carrying out a similar launch plan to Mercedes, which will also carry out a shakedown at Silverstone on February 14 and simultaneously release images of its 2020 car. Pre-season testing gets underway in Barcelona on February 19, with a reduction to just six days in total ahead of the first race in Australia.

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