Summer Break is finally here…

This will be short because I’m already bored without a race anytime soon….

This is the most boring three weekends of the entire year, no I’m not kidding even though my birthday falls during one of them.  No Formula 1 til the end of August…WTF???  Through twelve races, four were memorable.  The first eight sucked!  The Final Four were beyond awesome though.  While, Hungary was mostly lackluster, we did get to see some decent battles.  More importantly we got to see how truly incredible the Mercedes Brain Trust is at the job/  Only four out of twenty drivers pitted more than once.  Verstappen only pitted in an effort to get the fastest lap at the end, which he got on lap 69/70 with a lap time almost 1.5 seconds faster than the next closest lap time by another driver.  Stroll, well it’s Stroll and he sucks., and both Mercedes drivers.  When Lewis Hamilton pitted with 21 laps to go, we all thought what the f**king f**k are they doing, and despite coming out of the pits over 21 seconds behind Verstappen (with 21 laps to go), Lewis, well there’s a reason he has 5 WDC titles, got the job done.  When he caught Max, Max knew he couldn’t keep Lewis at bay and didn’t really fight it.  After the race, Max shrugged off his disappointment with losing his first race from pole position.  The young Ace who is only 21 now and in his FIFTH SEASON of Formula 1 truly appears to be maturing.  If this is legit, Lewis better watch his back.  While he hasn’t had a true contender for his throne since ‘pretty boy’ Nico was his teammate, Max poses a real threat, especially with Honda finally getting their act together (or was McLaren and Eric Boullier the problem all along???)

Ferrari has not been a legitimate threat since Austria, and they finished over a minute behind Max and Lewis.   Absolutely pathetic for the most famous team in the game.  With the top talent drivers (yes, I’m including Vettel as he has 4 WDC Titles to his name), they must do more.  They should be competitive at Spa and at Monza, but that remains to be seen.

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