Four-time F1 world champion Alain Prost says the 2010 Senna documentary that depicts the life and death of F1 legend Ayrton Senna is “a fake”.

Ten years after the release of the ‘Senna’ movie, Prost revealed a bone of contention with the film’s producers, insisting the bio-pic failed to do justice to the two drivers’ true relationship, and missed an opportunity to tell a great story.

Instead, the Frenchman believes he is cast as the ‘bad boy’ during the pair’s famous feud.

“I resent the film that was done,” said Prost, speaking on stage at a conference in Paris at the Olympia theater.

“They could have really told a fabulous story, because there was what happened when we were racing and after [I retired].

“The film claims his last message ‘I miss you Alain’ was fake. Well I think the film was fake,” added the former McLaren driver.

Prost’s words reference a genuine comment made by Senna at the start of an on-board lap at Imola in 1994, footage of which was broadcasted on French TV on Sunday morning, before the tragic San Marino Grand Prix.

In the video below, before the Brazilian embarks on a commentated lap of the track with his Williams, he addresses his former arch-rival with the following words:

“A special hello to my dear… our dear friend Alain, in France. We all miss you Alain”

Unfortunately, for technical reasons the footage was not included in the film, an omission that perhaps Prost perceived as intentional on the part of the producers, hence his negative comment on the sequence.

“It’s a pity, because in the history of sports, there are not many stories like this one,” Prost said.

“It wasn’t just a sports story, it was also a human story.”

Prost and Senna came together and reconciled at the end of the 1993 season, when the Brazilian famously pulled his rival up on to the top step of the podium after the final race of the season in Australia.

“After that podium, Ayrton stated talking to me again,” Prost remembered.

“He would call me once or twice a week. Sometimes for nothing, and sometimes for advice. It lasted until Imola.

“We became friends and close. It was the start of new period that I didn’t think would have been possible. I’ve got incredible memories of it.”

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