First of all, we apologize for not sending out recaps for the last couple of races.  Sometimes life gets in the way when only two idiots who were roommates in college are working on it and both have full time “jobs”.

More importantly than that though is the fact that we came into this race being big Charles Leclerc fans and came out of the race being so disappointed in his attitude and general whininess over the radio during the past few weeks.  Zero question he will end up being a world champion within the next five years (i.e. by 2024).  Calling it now.  

That being said, Charles was on pole and apparently had some sort of deal with Vettel to give him a “tow” at the start in order to block Lewis.  What had happened though is that Sebastian got such a great start that he passed Lewis and his teammate at the start and immediately pulled away.  Leclerc then came on the radio bitching about swapping places as “part of their deal”.  When asked to let Leclerc past at one point, Seb replied with something to the effect of “well, if he was closer he could pass me”.  

Just in case you were wondering, Sebastian is awesome and one of the few actually “likable” drivers on the grid.  We thought Leclerc was in that same boat, but it’s seemingly looking like we were WAAAY off on that…

The fact that the Ferrari pit wall even acknowledged this nonsensical bullshit adds to the list of reasons they will never beat Mercedes, despite having the much faster car on the straights.  Ferrari was already in control of a one-two finish again, and completely f*cked it up by allowing Leclerc’s BS.

Forgetting all of the Ferrari nonsense, there were some drivers and teams who had good, if not great, days in Russia.

  • Mercedes
    • Lewis Hamilton – he can never be counted out and has five WDCs (about to be SIX) not because he is a bad driver, but because he’s so good and so consistent, that he pushes other drivers so hard that they make mistakes, while Lewis rarely does..
    • Valtteri Bottas
      • One of the best “wingmen” (sorry Valtteri) ever on the grid, but also one of the most likable drivers currently on the grid
  • Red Bull
    • Max Verstappen – finished where he qualified (had a five place grid penalty and started ninth) – has won two races already this season and becoming so consistent that he will probably become the next new World Champion in Formula 1 (assuming he gets in a Mercedes or Ferrari)
    • Alex Albon – fought his way through the field from the back of the grid to finish in fifth.  While he should have finished in the top 7-8 at a minimum since he is in the Red Bull now, he started from pit lane and had to fight through fifteen cars to get to where he finished the race,  Would Gasly have done this?
      • While a great drive, in our opinion, this is only his second best drive of the season.  In China (3rd race of 2019 and Alex’s career), he started from pit lane in the Toro Rosso and finished 10th.  Alex has a bright future ahead of him. 
  • McLaren
    • Carlos Sainz
      • On lap 49, he was passed by Albon for fifth place.  No doubt Carlos could have defended the position but by doing so would have likely allowed Perez to get close enough to make a move which might have ended up in another place lost.  No doubt P6 was a great result!
    • Lando Norris
  • Racing Point
    • Sergio Perez
      • Pretty damn good race for Checo..  Finishing P7 is about as good as Sport Pesa can manage currently.
    • Lance Stroll
      • out of the points as always…nice to have daddy as team boss..
  • Haas
    • Kevin Magnussen
      • another points finish for Kevin.  In the Haas, that’s all he can ask for.
    • Romain Grosjean
      • While it was maybe not entirely his fault, he again crashed on lap one….enough said
  • Renault
    • Daniel Ricciardo
      • another DNF for the Aussie.  Not caused by himself but by another driver doing something stupid on lap one…Sorry DR.
    • Nico Hulkenberg
      • Apparently Nico has nothing to lose anymore and is actually trying to score points now.  He has scored in every race since summer break (and since he lost his 2020 ride to Esteban Ocon)
  • Alfa Romeo
    • Kimi Raikkonen
      • Jump start before the lights went out resulting in an insane penalty, but rules are rules Iceman
    • Antionio Giovinazzi
      • Aggressive (and STUPID) move on lap resulting in Grosjean’s retirement immediately
  • Toro Rosso – not sure what either driver did, but it wasn’t much.  At least they both finished the race though..
  • Williams
    • George Russell
      • Locked up on lap 29 crashing into the barriers during the VSC with a technical retirement
    • Robert Kubica
      • forced retirement to save parts — what the actual f*ck??



This was the sixteenth Grand Prix of 2019  and our 25th podcast.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, WTF are you waiting for?  We have also launched a YouTube Channel which we broadcast live during the race.  Just click it and give it a thumbs up!!!   

F1C Challenge Results

So….we are down to a sad, sad, five players….for 2020, tell us what you need to join!!!!  Better prizes, more free swag, more drink of the day, more guest hosts like J-Man the Juice or F1CC player DDAY, or girlfriends and wives of F1 and Coffee fans, whatever…

Full Results Here


Torpedo Challenge Results

Congratulations to HaastaLaVista for winning the  Russian Grand Prix edition of the Torpedo Challenge .  The Highest possible Score was 192.  The top picks were Lewis Hamilton for Tier 1, Antonio Giovinazzi for Tier 2, Sergio Perez for Tier 3 and Wildcard Driver, McLaren for fastest pit stop, and five DNFs.

Full Results Here


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