The 2018 German Grand Prix was a nightmare for Sebastian Vettel. He had just won his fourth Grand Prix of the season, was 8 points of Lewis in the standings, and was leading the German Grand Prix. Meanwhile his main rival, Lewis Hamilton, started 14th. Regardless of where a Mercedes, Ferrari, or Red Bull starts the race, there’s always a good chance, they will find their way into the Top 6. If they finish the race anyways. In the rain and completely on his own, Vettel made a mistake, crashing his Ferrari into the wall and taking him out of the race. Lewis won in Germany and in Hungary at the next race. He then won four of the next five, the two final races of the year, and never finished worse than fourth. While Seb did win one more race in 2018 (at Spa), his championship hopes were over at this point.
This run of form worsened in 2019, with Vettel making mistake after mistake up to Hockenheim. It wasn’t his fault for not being able to qualify, but it did leave him one hell of a hole to dig out of. What proceeded to happen to Vettel over the 64 lap race should go to show that no matter what the circumstances, a four time world champion should never be counted out. The same goes for Lewis in Germany in 2018. After this race though, has Vettel come full circle and gotten whatever he was dealing with out of his system??
Optimistically, it would be great to see Lewis, Seb, Leclerc, and Max all battling for the title. Lewis still holds a solid lead in the championship – 84 points over Vettel and 63 over Max. Regardless of winning two races so far, Bottas is not a legit contender (in my opinion). Mercedes made more mistakes during the German Grand Prix than I can remember them making in a season. Lewis was called out for going too slow behind the safety car, FINALLY. At point the safety car was about to lap Lewis, if this were even possible. Between Lewis hitting the wall, breaking his front wing, getting the five second penalty for late pit entry, the insanely long 50 second pit stop where no one was ready, and Bottas crashing out, it was a tough day for Toto Wolff and Mercedes.
They have won five double doubles in a row. They are Champions. Champions always bounce back, and quickly. Depending on the heat in Hungary, this coming race may be tough for them. After Hungary is a three week break. Expect Mercedes at full strength in Belgium at the end of August. The one thing that is for sure, they will be back stronger than ever. I just hope that Ferrari and Red Bull have enough to bring the fight to them, and we all get to see some great racing!!!
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