Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has allegedly sent a letter to all non-Ferrari teams, encouraging action against the confidential agreement signed between the Scuderia and the FIA.

Formula 1’s governing body announced last week that it had reached a private settlement with Ferrari regarding certain technical aspects of its controversial 2019 power unit.

The FIA refused to disclose the details of the agreement, a lack of transparency which has reportedly shocked several teams and leaves everyone with more questions than answers about whether Ferrari had breached the technical rules last season by circumventing engine fuel flow restrictions.

Website ‘’ claims that Wolff has written to all non-Ferrari teams recommending that the FIA be petitioned to disclose the details of its classified “arrangement” with the House of Maranello.

So far, there has been no official response from any teams and no admission by Mercedes that a letter had indeed been sent by Wolff.

It has been suggested that the FIA, which investigated Ferrari’s power unit last year, could perhaps not prove beyond all doubt that the engine infringed the fuel flow rules, while Ferrari could not demonstrate that it’s technical ploy had not breached the regulations.

Given this murky state of affairs, Ferrari may have half-admitted to circumventing the fuel flow limitations to get the FIA off its back, and in exchange of immunity.

At this stage, it’s all conjecture however, but the case sets a dangerous precedent which Ferrari’s rivals have apparently judged as unacceptable as it potentially undermines their confidence in the FIA and its integrity.

A a crisis looms, the first team principals’ press conference of the 2020 season should make for an interesting watch.

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